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Virginia Sheriff MagazineThe Virginia Sheriff Magazine

Purpose: The Virginia Sheriff is devoted to promoting the work of the 123 sheriffs’ offices throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its purpose is to inform citizens about innovative methods being used to reduce crime in their communities, educate them about legislative developments that affect public safety and explain ways they can get involved in the effort to protect their life, family and property

Publishing Dates: The Virginia Sheriff is published 4 times a year – March, June, September and December.

Circulation: Approximately 8,500 Virginia sheriffs and deputies and 250 retired sheriffs and Virginia legislators.

Advertisement in the Virginia Sheriff

The Virginia Sheriff magazine encourages businesses that want to show their support of Virginia’s sheriffs and deputies and companies that are interested in promoting their law enforcement, court security and/or jail products to advertise in the Virginia Sheriff. Please feel free to contact Mr. Dave Coultes or Ms. Debra Bauer of Contract Communications to request information about upcoming advertising opportunities. You can call them toll free at 800-827-6692.

For costs and media requirements, please view the PDF files below:

Magazine Rates Page 1

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Editorial Submission in the Virginia Sheriff

The Virginia Sheriff welcomes material submitted by sheriffs’ offices and other law enforcement agencies.  The magazine often includes by-lines on articles written by sheriffs, public information officers, sheriffs’ office personnel and guest columnists.

Editorial Deadlines: The 2014 Virginia Sheriff editorial deadline dates are the following:

December 20, 2013 – Spring Issue
March  21, 2014 – Summer Issue
June 20, 2014  – Fall Issue
September 19, 2014 - Winter Issue

Editorial Guidelines: For editorial guidelines, please view the PDF file below:

Magazine Editorial Guidelines

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