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On October 12, 2010 at approximately 8:40AM, Deputy Jennifer Spies, a three year veteran with the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office delivered a premature baby at her residence.  Deputy Spies was asleep after working night shift when she was awaken by a vehicle horn blowing in her yard.  Deputy Spies was informed from the driver, Mr. Samual White, that the female passenger was in labor.  Deputy Spies immediately called 911 as she approached the vehicle.  After getting to the vehicle, Deputy Spies not only noticed that the female was in labor, but in fact the baby was being delivered in the “breech” position.  After retrieving towels from her residence, Deputy Spies delivered the infant without incident.  The mother, Phoenicia Bradford and son, Samuel White, Jr. were transported by rescue squad to Riverside-Tappahannock Hospital.  Samuel White, Jr. weighed in a 3lbs 9 ounces and 16.5 inches long.  Mom and son are doing well and are expected to be released from the hospital in the near future.  When asked about the experience both parents sincerely thanked Deputy Spies and emphatically expressed that seeing her police vehicle in the yard was the reason they stopped for help.  “I am extremely proud and grateful for the actions and assistance that Deputy Spies portrayed and was able to render.  I am also overjoyed and thankful that Mr. White and Ms. Bradford are able to celebrate the birth of their son”, stated Sheriff C.O. Balderson.