TNT TV Documentary “Cold Justice” Looking For Your Help

Sheriffs who could benefit from additional expert help and resources for their unsolved homicide cases and may be interested in being featured in a new documentary series for TNT called Cold Justice, let the show’s producer know directly:

Jessica Guera, Producer
TNT Network
[email protected]
323-790-8556 Direct
213-624-9963 Fax

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Documentary TV Project That Helps Resolve Unsolved Homicides Is Back for More Cases

Wolf Films, the company behind “Law and Order,” along with Emmy Award Winning production company, Magical Elves Inc. have partnered with the TNT Network on a new documentary/television series focused on the on the investigation and resolution of unsolved homicide cases called Cold Justice. After several positive results in the first and second seasons, the show just got approved to do a third season of cases, and producers are reaching out once again looking for cases that could possibly benefit from some additional resources. Resources include – but are not limited to – covering costs for forensic tests (various types of DNA, ballistics, blood work, etc. with lab turnaround times of 5-10 days), bringing in experts and analysts if/when necessary, covering travel expenses when pertinent to the case, and experienced Prosecutor, CSI, Homicide Detectives with great track records in investigating cold cases to assist you – and more depending on what your case might need.

The goal of the project remains the same, which is to aid local law enforcement agencies in reviewing your old, unsolved murder cases in the hopes of bringing resolution to the victim’s family and loved ones. The show appreciates that because of your department’s limited time and resources, you often don’t have the opportunity to re-examine your cold cases, which is where we would want to come in to help. The network would provide additional resources in order to be allowed to show those cases on national television while shining a complimentary light on the hard work and effort you put forth – as well as many others across the country – as we support you on your cases.

The parameters the show is working within:

  • Cases should (ideally) be 5 years or older, although this can be flexible.
  • There needs to be a postively-identified body.
  • No missing persons.
  • No high-risk victims (gang members, prostitutes, big time drug dealers, hardcore addicts, etc.). This parameter doesn’t necessarily rule out a case for us, so please don’t hesitate to contact the producer if you’d still like to talk a case over.

Assisting your department will be veteran prosecutor, Kelly Siegler, formerly with the Harris County, Texas District Attorney’s office for over two decades. Kelly has worked almost exclusively on cold cases during the last 10 years of her career and has worked alongside investigators in the prosecution of more cold cases than nearly any other prosecutor in the country (in addition to sending several cold case murderers to death row). You’ll also have the help of Houston Police Department Homicide Detective Johnny Bonds – approximately 30 years of experience working on murder cases both with HPD and with law enforcement agencies all over Texas – and former Las Vegas Metro Police Department Crime Scene Investigator, Yolanda McClary and others. The producers believe that this combination along with the enthusiasm and dedication your department brings to your cases could result in great progress in the investigations. If you have any questions or cases that you think might be appropriate for the project, please feel free to call or email Jessica Guera anytime.

If you have any questions for Kelly Siegler, you can contact her directly via email at [email protected].

“Cold Justice” Contact:
Jessica Guera, Producer
Wolf Films/Magical Elves
[email protected]
323-790-8556 Direct
213-624-9963 Fax

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