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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
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IMG_1077VSA Executive Director John Jones was honored to support Del. Filler-Corn’s bill (HB 1343) on campus sexual assault, which requires campus police to report sexual assault to the commonwealth’s attorney within 48 hours of a report of a sexual assault on a college campus.

Present were members of the Harrington and Murphy families, including Mr. and Mrs. Harrington (parents of Morgan Harrington and Trina Murphy, sister of Alexis Murphy), VSA President and Lunenburg Sheriff Arthur Townsend, Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Doucette, Falls Church Chief of Police Mary Gavin, Del. Eileen Filler-Corn, and Kristin Hall, a sexual assault prevention advocate.

This bill, HB 1343 will insure a response if a student reports a rape to campus police.