Sheriffs Support Salary Increases, Compression Pay in Gov. McAuliffe’s Biennial Budget Proposal

lawsmallVirginia Sheriffs’ Association leaders were present this morning as Gov. McAuliffe unveiled his biennial budget proposal to members of the Senate Finance, House Appropriations, and House Finance Committees.

“We have worked closely with Gov. McAuliffe and the General Assembly to identify the most critical funding priorities for Virginia sheriffs and deputies,” said John W. Jones, Executive Director of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association. “Gov. McAuliffe’s budget addresses long-overdue salary increases, compression pay raises, and career development opportunities for Virginia’s sheriffs and deputies.

In addition to this 2 percent pay raise, Gov. McAuliffe included funds to address the salary compression plan for sheriffs’ offices in order to make sure that the Commonwealth rewards the long and dedicated service of Virginia’s deputies.

“Our 8,500-member organization supports Gov. McAuliffe’s budget proposal and stands at the ready to work with the General Assembly to ensure that the salary increases and compression pay raises for sheriffs and deputies remain in tact,” said Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughan, President of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association.

Gov. McAuliffe’s remarks can be found here:

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