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major-kenneth-andersonIt is with sadness and heartfelt condolences that Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody announces the passing of Major Kenneth Anderson. Please see the Sheriff’s statement below:

“I, and members of my agency are heartbroken this morning. Major Anderson was an integral part of this organization. As a leader in the Training Department, Major Anderson over saw the instruction and molding of dozens of young deputies. He made it his personal mission to ensure that they were all well-educated and ready to handle any situation that may arise during their tenure with the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office. He was a giant with a giving heart that was always eager to help others. He solved problems with a smile and gave his all no matter the task; He always got it done.”

“As we grieve and pray for Major Anderson’s friends and family, we affirm that we, his law enforcement family, will always remember his contributions and dedication to his duty. The 5th Basic Academy will begin in a few weeks, and while I am sad they will not have the privilege of his personal instruction, his spirit and unique mark will be left on every lesson they, and future deputies, study. He is at peace and resting, and I am thankful and blessed that I had the opportunity to work with him.”

Major Kenneth Anderson joined Richmond City Sheriff’s Office November 9, 1998. Noted for his outstanding work ethic and positive attitude, he was the recipient of several awards, including the Award of Good Conduct on December 17, 2004. He became certified as a General Instructor in 2004 and was promoted to Major on April 30, 2016. In honor of Major Anderson, Sheriff Woody has directed all sworn staff to shroud their badges through and until the conclusion of his service.