Sheriff Woody delivers gifts to Richmond Children’s Hospital

Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody along with his deputies and staff delivered presents to children at the Children’s Hospital Brook Road campus on Wednesday. The gifts were donated by sworn and civilian employees of the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Woody and staff were invited to the Children’s Hospital of Richmond to deliver gifts to children that were in recreation during that time.

“Many of these children are experiencing illnesses that keep them from being able to simply be children,” said Sheriff Woody. “Many of them are in need of organ donations and several have been diagnosed with cancer or other serious ailments. The treatments they have to endure every day are long, and often times painful.  It’s difficult for them to be able to do the things other kids do every day like play sports or just run around outside. This is my and my agency’s way of saying ‘You aren’t forgotten, you are cared for and loved, and we want you to have a great holiday season and get better soon so you can have the life you deserve.’”

Items were collected over a month long period beginning the week after Thanksgiving. Richmond Sheriff’s Office employees’ from all divisions donated toys, games, movies, books, gift cards and crafts supplies, as well as other needed items, including hair care products, gloves, hats and socks.

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