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Richmond’s ‘Recovering from Everyday Addictive Lifestyles’ (REAL) program accepted, for the second time, an invitation by Chesterfield’s Sheriff Karl Leonard, to engage in a friendly, but competitive round of ‘Battle of the Brains.’ Sheriff Leonard said, “We are blessed to have such a great community partner in the Richmond Sheriff’s Office! Sheriff C.T. Woody is a true friend who shares many of the same visions we have. By working smarter through collaboration and partnerships, the citizens of Richmond and Chesterfield both win as do the individuals we are trying to help win the battle against addiction. ‘Battle of the Brains’ is just one example of the work we do together for a greater cause.”

Each jurisdiction had a team of six comprised of 3 males and 3 females. The participants came from the REAL program in Richmond to the host site of Chesterfield, where they joined both the Bridge and HARP program participants. Questions covered areas such as Relapse Prevention, Criminal & Addictive Thinking, 12-Step, & Behavior Modification. Tony Booth, the lively radio show personality of BBT’s 107.3, emceed the event that was enjoyed by all.

“I’m happy to be here supporting the Richmond team in the ‘Battle of the Brains’ competition,” said Sheriff Woody. “Our REAL team is showing true commitment in their rehabilitation. They may not have won the first competition in December, but they are not letting that roadblock stop them. That lesson translates to their recovery – they will hit roadblocks, they will have challenges, but they will overcome them. This competition is a great way to remind them of that, and is also a unique, fun, and educational way to test their knowledge on the things they’ve learned while in the substance abuse programs.”