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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
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On February 22, 2017, Sergeant Thomas Anderson of the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office apprehended and detained an adult male suspected of larceny. While seated in his marked unit on Jahnke Rd., Sergeant Anderson heard a loud disturbance coming from inside the 7 Eleven convenience store and observed a male suspect fleeing from the store with what appeared to be merchandise in his possession. Sergeant Anderson pursued the individual on foot after identifying himself as a deputy sheriff and providing commands to stop.

In the course of his pursuit, Sergeant Anderson came upon the suspect whose hands where in his pockets with merchandise scattered on the ground. Once the suspect complied with orders, he was handcuffed and escorted back to the store. The Richmond Police Department had promptly responded to the scene with several units. Two other male individuals, not including the suspect, were also detained. All three suspects were identified as having stolen items from the store by the store manager, and one suspect was identified as assaulting the manager in the course of their exiting the store. The store manager declined to press charges, asking that the three suspects only be banned from the business property due to all of the stolen merchandise being recovered and returned.

“I am very proud of Sergeant Anderson,” said Sheriff Woody. “He responded quickly and decisively, and in the manner he was trained. He immediately alerted our law enforcement partners at the Richmond Police Department and took all measures to keep himself and others safe in the course of apprehending and detaining the suspect. The Richmond Police Department responded promptly to Sergeant Anderson’s call for assistance; a testament to our full commitment to inter-agency cooperation, which benefit’s all citizens in the City of Richmond. This was a job well done by Sergeant Anderson and the Richmond Police Department. We will continue to be vigilant, and will assist the Richmond Police Department however we can to combat crime in Richmond.”