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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
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Sheriff C.T. Woody is proud to announce that the Richmond Sheriff’s Office has received a 100% Compliance Report from the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPSC). The Commission is made up of the Virginia Sheriff’s Association, The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police, and Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Executive board members include active Sheriffs and Chiefs, who establish professional standards which law enforcement agencies in Virginia are expected to abide by.

Out of the 190 standards required by VLEPSC, all 190 standards were met by the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office on the first audit visit. This makes the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office one of only three agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia to have earned this achievement.

“Today, our 100% compliance with VLEPSC proves my commitment to expecting the absolute best from myself, as well as from all those who work at the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office,” said Sheriff Woody. “The dedication my staff has shown to ensure that we are in compliance with all VELPSC standards is second to none. I am extremely proud of all of them for their hard work; they have accomplished what only two other agencies in Virginia have succeeded in doing.”

The next step in the accreditation process is for the 100% Compliance Report to be presented to the executive board of VLEPSC for formal board accreditation. This is expected to occur May 11, 2017.