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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
The Voice of Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

New VSA office

The Virginia Sheriffs’ Association and the Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute office has moved to the adjacent tower of Riverfront Plaza in downtown Richmond. Our original lease agreement included a standard clause requiring us to accommodate one move over the seven-year term of the lease. On February 16, Owens & Minor announced it was moving 500 employees, 300 of which are new jobs, to our building and taking over four floors, which is great news for the Richmond area.

This move effective July 20 is at no cost to the VSA.

The new address in the neighboring tower is: 901 East Byrd Street, Suite 1301, Richmond, VA 23219.

Guest parking remains the same and the garage serves both the east and west towers. All other contact information has stayed the same. Thank you for updating your records to reflect the street number change to (901) and the new suite number to (1301).