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Sheriff-Elect Irving and Sheriff Woody

Sheriff C.T. Woody welcomed Sheriff-Elect Antionette Irving to the Richmond City Justice Center last week. The meeting marked the beginning of a six week transition period where Sheriff-Elect Irving will meet with Sheriff Woody and current Richmond City Sheriff’s Office staff prior to her taking office on January 1, 2018.

“The election is over and the voters elected Richmond’s next sheriff. Sheriff-Elect Irving has been chosen to lead the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office for the next four years,” said Sheriff Woody. “I know better than anyone how important a smooth transition is for the integrity of the office and the morale of both the sworn and civilian staff. Sheriff-Elect Irving will have my full support as she goes through the process of building an administration which will serve the citizens of Richmond.”

Sheriff Woody and Sheriff-Elect Irving met with each other, as well as members of her transition team, and current sworn and civilian staff of the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Woody’s term as sheriff of Richmond ends December 31, 2017. Sheriff-Elect Irving will take office January 1, 2018.