Exchange Club Honors the Hampton Sheriff’s Office

The Wythe Exchange Club hosted a dinner and awards ceremony in February to recognize their community partnership with Sheriff B. J. Roberts and the Hampton Sheriff’s Office. The Exchange Club works through community service projects to better their community, local schools, and institutions. They are a Premier Service Club who’s’ mission is, working to make our community a better place to live. Sheriff staff and workforce crews have supported and assisted the Exchange Club with events and projects throughout the year which have afforded them the opportunity to assist so many Peninsula residents. Club members presented plaques in recognition of the outstanding accomplishments of Hampton Deputies in 2017. Hampton Councilman Jimmy Gray was the keynote speaker for the event.

Pictured from left: Councilman Gray, Sergeant F. Robinson (Outstanding Sworn Officer Award), F. Simmons (Sheriff’s Award), Sergeant B. Moore (Community Service Award), Sergeant A. Peek (Deputy of the Year), and Sheriff B.J. Roberts.

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