Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Honors 3 Retirees

Recently, Sheriff Overton and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office honored 3 long time employees on their retirement. Sgt. Brian Webb (Top Left) retired with 15 years of Service. Inv. Jay Mason (Top Right) retired with 10 years of Service and Deputy Teresa Bailey (Bottom Right) retired with 14 years of Service. Congrats to all 3 great officers, way to go!

Sheriff Bill Overton said, “A great day for these wonderful officers and their families. Each of these deputies have been an asset to this office and have provided the residents of Franklin County with honorable service. Myself and The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office wish Brian, Jay and Teresa a wonderful and fulfilling future.”

Top Left: Sgt. Bran Webb and family Top Right: Inv. Jay Mason and Sheriff Overton Bottom Right: Deputy Teresa Bailey and family

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