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On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, the Mechanicsville Rotary Club presented Colonel David R. Hines, Sheriff of Hanover County, with a donation check in the amount of $10,000.00. This generous donation will help support the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office’s Project Lifesaver program.

In 2003, the Sheriff’s Office became the first agency in the state to join Project Lifesaver International. The program offers the ability for the Sheriff’s Office to locate loved ones and family members who wander due to cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and Down syndrome.

This is a free service the Sheriff’s Office offers to our community. A client will be outfitted with a watch-sized transmitter that enables the individual to be tracked should they wander. It on an automatic schedule, so no one has to call or wait for a battery Rotary Club member, Dave Fuller, says, “we are there, and in less than five minutes make the change and have a great opportunity to meet the clients, their families and caregivers.”

“The Project Lifesaver program is another vital tool we use in service to our community. We understand that locating lost individuals in these populations is paramount and are pleased to continue to make this service available to our community. This program not only serves to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe, but also develops lasting relationships between the deputies and volunteers involved in the program and participants. We are extremely grateful for the generous donation made by the Mechanicsville Rotary Club,” said Colonel David R.

According to Fuller, “We have sworn officers and volunteers who change the batteries in this small, wristwatch sized device, on a monthly basis. I am one of those volunteers. One small gesture from members of the community to others in our community strengthens the bonds of good citizenship.  That we look out for one another is good for everyone.”

Pictured L to R: Tim Amos, President of the Mechanicsville Rotary Club and Colonel David R. Hines, Sheriff of Hanover County.