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SCSO Investigator Sergeant Brent Lutz (pictured) was interviewed by Beth Macy, a New York Times bestselling author, regarding Heroin distribution and the effects of the Heroin Epidemic in our rural area. After interviewing Sergeant Lutz, Ms. Macy wrote a book called “Dopesick”, which will be available for purchase in August 2018. Congratulations to Sergeant Brent Lutz on his work as a Narcotics Investigator with the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office and representing SCSO!
One reviewer said the following…..

“Beth Macy is not satisfied with myths or side-bars. She seeks the very hearts of the people who are running the long marathons of struggle and survival – of Life. Dopesick is another deep – and deeply needed – look into the troubled soul of America.” – Tom Hanks