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On June 17, 2018, Fauquier County Sheriff Mosier was presented with the MAGNUS Princeps Award by The National Command & Staff College and the Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development.

This award is in recognition of Sheriff Mosier’s tireless work implementing bold initiatives that have created synergy and trust between the citizens of Fauquier County and the Sheriff’s Office.  By embracing the belief that “Every Officer Must Be a Leader” in the community they serve, Sheriff Mosier has created a culture where character, collaboration, professionalism, and service are displayed at all times.  The award was presented by National Command & Staff College Chancellor Mitch Javidi, Ph.D.

The National Command & Staff College was founded by the International Academy of Public Safety in collaboration with the National Sheriff’s Association and the National Tactical Officers Association to develop MAGNUS Leaders through modern learning experiences that build and promote community safety and mutual trust, maximize officer safety, wellness, and performance and reduce liability and risks.

Sheriff Mosier’s career spans over 30 years in law enforcement having served with local, county and federal government both domestically and internationally. Mosier who had previously served with the Sheriff’s Office was elected Sheriff for Fauquier County in 2015.

Sheriff Mosier believes in the development of leaders for tomorrow whether it be the youth involved with the Sheriff’s Office Explorer Program or our workforce of Sworn and Civilian personnel by continuing to implement a culture of leadership development.