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When the new 2018-2019 school year starts, Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office will have 4 new DARE Officers starting in elementary city schools. These deserving men and women are Deputy Antonio Hash, Deputy Brandi Lazare, Deputy Matthew Kelly and Deputy James Causey. Also, Deputy Andrew Palmer was recently transferred to the DARE Section. With these additional officers, they will be able to educate more children, be a postive influence in lives and have more a presence in the community. Three of the deputies (Hash, Lazare and Palmer) just recently graduated DARE School.

Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office promoted the last of their Deputy Sheriff II’s. They celebrated the last 27 deputies on July 10, 2018. This makes a total of 81 Deputy Sheriff II’s that were promoted over the past 3 years as part of a Career Development bridging the gap between deputy and sergeant. These deputies are awarded a 5% raise.