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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
The Voice of Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies
~Senator Stanley, Delegates Hodges, Ransone & Rush propose 2019 Budget Package~


Richmond, VA — A priority issue of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association is providing for increases for the salaries of its hard-working deputy sheriffs and elected sheriffs across the Commonwealth.  This is an issue of vital importance to ensure that offices across Virginia can combat the challenges of high turnover.

VSA is grateful for the support of Delegate Keith Hodges (R-District 98); Delegate Margaret Ransone (R-District 99); Delegate Nick Rush (R-District 7) and Senator Bill Stanley (R- District 20), all of whom have taken the initiative to bring to light the need for and propose a pay increase.

Sen. Stanley, Delegates Hodges, Ransone and Rush all recognize the critical work of our law enforcement, serving to ensure public safety.  Together – this package of budget amendments proposes a $1,000 pay increase for deputy sheriffs and raise for all elected sheriffs across the Commonwealth.

Del. Keith Hodges stated that “I am pleased to bring forward budget amendments to support the hard-working men and women who put their life on the line each and every day.”

“Sheriffs across Virginia have long been calling for an increase in pay; this is not a new issue and is not unique to the citizens of the 7th District,” commented Del. Nick Rush. “This proposal is just a start to solving the larger challenge.”

Del. Margaret Ransone added that “it is my pleasure to support sheriffs and deputy sheriffs in District 99 as well as across the Commonwealth. This is just one way to recognize their sacrifice and efforts to protect the Commonwealth.”

As Senator Stanley proclaimed, “It’s time. And it’s very much overdue. There aren’t any reasons why the Commonwealth’s Sheriffs and their Deputies should be paid at levels less than other Virginia professional law enforcement men and women. This is a pay equity issue and it’s time to give them a raise to bring their base earnings more in line with their law enforcement counterparts. It’s the correct action to take and the time is now.”


The Virginia Sheriffs’ Association (VSA) gives a voice to Virginia sheriffs and deputies. Working on many levels and in cooperation with the various segments of the criminal justice system and state government, VSA guarantees unfailing representation for sheriffs and deputies throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.