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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
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~Our thanks to Senator Richard Stuart and Delegate Bob Thomas for championing the legislation~

Richmond, VA – The Virginia Sheriffs’ Association applauds Senator Richard Stuart and Delegate Bob Thomas for carrying important school safety legislation for sheriffs. “There is no higher priority than securing the safety of our students in elementary and secondary schools across the Commonwealth,” said Sheriff Decatur of Stafford.  HB 2142(Thomas) and SB1207(Stuart) were introduced at the request of Stafford Sheriff D. P. Decatur, Jr., and are supported by the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association. These bills are great ideas to advance safety to a new level.  The legislation allows sheriffs to use retired officers, replacing security guards in elementary and secondary schools.  Both bills have cleared their house of origination and are headed to the other house. 

According to Senator Richard Stuart, “I am honored to carry this legislation for Sheriff Decatur, as I know it could make all the difference on school safety.”  Delegate Bob Thomas defended HB 1207 on the House floor this week, which passed the floor on a 53-45 vote.  “This bill will help law enforcement agencies fill critical positions within our schools to provide additional safety for our children with no additional cost,” stated Delegate Thomas. 

“We look forward to the passage of these bills and being signed into law by the Governor,” said John W. Jones, Executive Director of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association.    


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