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Alexandria, VA – The Arlington County Sheriff’s Office conducted a sweep for drugs and contraband in the Arlington County Detention Facility on Wednesday, June 5, using K-9 teams from multiple jurisdictions. The
2-hour search was conducted by 18 K-9 teams who searched 8 Housing Units, the recreation yards, the Program Centers, the Medical Unit, the kitchen and the laundry room.

The K-9 teams that participated in Wednesday’s search included both narcotics dogs, trained to find drugs, and contraband dogs, trained to sniff out other illegal items such as cellphones, which they identify by the smell of the phone battery. This year we were able to add a drug dog that was used to detect suboxone.

“We’re very pleased that no drugs or contraband were found,” said Sheriff Beth Arthur. “My staff do a great job at keeping the facility safe.”
This is the third year that the Sheriff’s Office has conducted a large-scale, top-to-bottom K-9 sweep of the facility with help from local jurisdictions. While random cell searches are a common practice, they are typically confined to the individual housing units.