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Unawareness and misinformation regarding the new U.S. Supreme Court and Section 1983 federal social media laws and policy standards are costing law enforcement big legal damages that destroy careers, budgets, and the public trust. See Liverman v. City of Petersburg, 844 F. 3d 400 (2016), 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as an analysis of the Liverman case and 1983 Failure To Train claim.

Social media attorney, Mark Fiedelholtz, has developed this specialized training to educate law enforcement professionals on the new federal social media speech laws and to mitigate risk from hidden liabilities in these new laws. You will not find this type of in-depth expert training anywhere else.

To read our course outline, please see HERE. To register for the course, please see this flyer for further information.

For additional reading on the social media liability and training, please read HERE.