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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
The Voice of Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

The Virginia Sheriffs’ Association is pleased to announce a new award, “Dispatcher of the Year Award,” to recognize the critical work of all our dispatchers. The work of dispatchers requires patience, active listening, sound decision making skills, and the ability to remain calm during a crisis, all while taking quick, necessary, and often lifesaving action.

2020 “Dispatcher of the Year Award”

The 2020 “Dispatcher of the Year” award recipient is selected based on that individual’s unquestionable, above and beyond the call of duty performance and recognizes any extreme life-threatening act(s) of bravery.

The committee will consider situations involving acts that, if not performed, would not be considered a dereliction of duty.

This award is intended to recognize a dispatcher who has shown unusual initiative, exceptional dedication and courage in the performance of his/her duties to include, extraordinary judgment, bravery, lifesaving(s) and rescue(s).

The nomination should include information about the candidate, whether the nominee is a member of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association and a detailed description of the valorous activity. Please feel free to attach documentation such as in-depth reports, letters of reference, press releases/articles, nominee’s resume or nominee’s photograph.

A candidate for the prestigious Virginia Sheriffs’ Association Dispatcher of the Year Award must be a full or part time employee, whose primary duties are dispatching calls for a sheriff’s office and local first responders through either local sheriff’s office or a centralized dispatch system. Five copies of the nomination should be submitted by Friday, May 1, 2020.