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The Staunton Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the Staunton Sheriff’s Office “Prescription Take Back Program.”

As everyone knows, our nation has a huge problem with opioid addiction and Staunton is no stranger to this problem.  As I have seen over the past 29 years I have been in law enforcement, a large number of people that are addicted to drugs, started out with prescription pills and escalated to harder and more devastating drugs like methamphetamine.  These pills and other medications could have been their own or a prescription of a friend or family member.  In an effort to try and curb the opioid addiction in our community, I have obtained a prescription drop box for the Staunton Courthouse for people to use to drop off their old and unused prescriptions.   The goal of this program is to lower the amount of expired and unused prescription opioids and other medications that people have in their homes, therefore making it harder for people to use them for unintended purposes.   This program is free and will be anonymous for all that use it.  Let’s make our community safe by doing our part to reduce the amount of expired and unused prescription medications that our children and loved ones have access to.

Sheriff Matt Robertson


View the Prescription Take Back Program Flyer.