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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) provides free resources to help law enforcement officers respond to human-wildlife conflicts. These resources include the Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution Guide, which provides scripts for answering incoming phone calls and emails about common conflicts with wildlife (also available in Spanish), as well as a library of webinars on wildlife topics such as, “Advanced Wildlife Handling Protocols, Tips and Techniques to Improve Wildlife Handling Programs,” for which CE credits may be earned. The HSUS also hosts webinars on the Justice Clearinghouse platform.

Sign the HSUS Wild Neighbors pledge to gain access to hard copies of these resources, as well as to be added to a list to receive notification of upcoming webinars. If you’d like to co-host a wildlife webinar with the HSUS for officers in the state of VA, send an email to [email protected].

A mother opossum with her babies. Keywords: stock, wildlife, opossum, mother, babies, confirmed wild by Lilly Bell on 8/10/16 Mother opossum carrying her babies
Raccoon family in a tree
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