The Virginia Sheriffs’ Association (VSA) monitors all legislation that impacts the office of sheriff. By exhibiting a strong voice in the Virginia General Assembly, VSA helps define the responsibilities of law enforcement.

Following are some of the bills affecting sheriffs’ offices that passed in the 2018 session of the Virginia General Assembly.


Senate Bill 392 Involuntary commitment of a juvenile; notification of parents
Senate Bill 410 Steady-burning blue or red lights on law-enforcement vehicles
Senate Bill 565 DNA analysis upon conviction of certain misdemeanors
Senate Bill 813 Sharing of forfeited assets; report
Senate Bill 912 Retired law-enforcement officers; carrying a concealed handgun; return to work
House Bill 52 Competency and sanity evaluations; location of evaluation
House Bill 151 Special conservators of the peace; liability insurance
House Bill 260 Establishment of the Virginia Critically Missing Adult Alert Program
House Bill 303 Physical evidence recovery kits; submission to department of Forensic Science
House Bill 856 Unlawful detainer; execution of writ of possession
House Bill 1482 Unmanned aircraft systems by public bodies; search warrant required; exception
House Bill 1511 Investigator employed by an attorney for the Commonwealth and Indigent Defense Commission
House Bill 1527 Leave for volunteer members of Civil Air Patrol

Law Enforcement

Senate Bill 57 Fleeing from a law-enforcement officer
House Bill 292 Reports to school division superintendents; abduction
House Bill 511 Child abuse or neglect; sex offenders; investigation; reports to law enforcement
House Bill 1266 Report of arrests; fingerprints; trespass; disorderly conduct


Senate Bill 36 Weekend jail time
House Bill 35 Places of confinement for juveniles
House Bill 83 Provision of feminine hygiene products at no cost to female prisoners or inmates
House Bill 301
Disclosure of health records; state and local correctional facilities
House Bill 364 Execution of temporary detention orders; inmates in local correctional facilities
House Bill 1238 Timeliness of indictments discharge from jail


Senate Joint Resolution 89
Commending C.O. Balderson
House Joint Resolution 133 Commending sheriffs’ deputies in Virginia


For detailed information and current status of a particular legislative item listed above, go to the Virginia General Assembly home page .

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    Our sheriffs work to protect the people of Virginia

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