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The Virginia General Assembly approved legislation providing salary incentives for sheriffs to become accredited by recognized pubic safety accreditation organizations or the sheriffs that have completed other career development programs. The Compensation Board website provides details on the Career Development Program for Sheriffs and offers two tracks for participation.


Sheriffs becoming accredited meet the standards of the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission are eligible to receive a 9.2 percent salary increase as long as their agency maintains the accreditation


Sheriffs not becoming accredited but seeking certification can receive up to a 6.2 percent salary increase by meeting certain criteria as defined by the Virginia Appropriations Act and administered by the Compensation Board.

The Compensation Board requested the assistance of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute (VSI) in recommending various training programs for sheriffs seeking certification under the Career Development Program (CDP). A VSI committee has been established to review recommendations from sheriffs on management, supervision or other training specifically related to the duties of the sheriff to determine if they qualify under the guidelines adopted by the Compensation Board relating to certification.

Sheriffs participating in the certification track of the Career Development Program will need to certify that they have completed 24 hours of Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute approved training in the past 12 months. The Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute will need to approve the training.

The committee will review management, supervision, and other training the sheriffs will submit and certify if it qualifies as a part of the sheriff’s certification program. Sheriffs wishing to submit programs for consideration by the committee should submit the programs to the Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute so that the committee can review and consider the particular program for your certification. When submitting programs to review, sheriffs should submit the title of the program, the course content, the instructor’s name and qualifications, and the date and location the program is held.

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