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Lieutenant Hardeman is one of only eight individuals in the country to date who have completed the National Center for Judicial Security Fellowship Program (JSF). This program is designed to afford professional opportunity to state, local, and international court security managers to train and serve with United States Marshals Service (USMS). Much like a local Sheriff’s Office, the USMS is the principal Federal law enforcement agency dedicated to protection of the Federal judiciary, the judicial process, public officials, and facilities.

During the Fellowship period, the JSF traveled to sites of ongoing high-threat trials, protective details, and interned with security professionals from a large private corporation. In addition through Federal law enforcement agencies the JSF received briefings on security and protection protocols employed at national monuments, historical sites, military installations, and other facilities requiring security.

Lieutenant Hardeman secured a top secret clearance during this three month assignment, and was sworn in as a Special Deputy US Marshal. He will maintain those credentials and the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office will continue to partner with the USMS by assisting with courthouse security assessments throughout the region and around the nation. All costs associated with any training, travel, or lodging during these assessments will be paid for by the USMS.