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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
The Voice of Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

Constitution of Virginia
Article VII-Local Government – Section 4. County and City Officers

Code of Virginia

Office of Sheriff, Deputies
15.2-1609. Sheriff
15.2-1609.1. Number of deputies

Qualify for Office
15.2-1600. Counties and cities required to elect certain officers; qualifications of attorney for the Commonwealth; duties and compensation of officers; vacancies, certain counties and cities excepted; officer’s powers not to be diminished
15.2-1601. Requirements for officers
15.2-1602. Sharing of such officers by two or more units of government

Appointment of Deputies
15.2-1603. Appointment of deputies; their powers; how removed

15.2-1610. Standard uniforms and motor vehicle markings to be adopted by sheriffs
15.2-1611. Alternate clothing for sheriffs and deputies
15.2-1612. Wearing of same or similar uniforms by unauthorized persons; penalty

Salaries and Expenses
15.2-1609.2. Sheriffs’ salaries; salaries of certain full-time deputies; maximum limits
15.2-1609.3. Fees and mileage allowances
15.2-1609.4. Records of expenses of sheriffs and full-time deputies
15.2-1609.5. Submission of statement of expenses
15.2-1609.6. Agreements regarding traveling expenses
15.2-1609.7 Salaries and expense allowances to be paid by Commonwealth
15.2-1609.8 Payments to counties having certain optional forms of organization and government
15.2-1609.9. Compensation of part-time deputies

15.2-1517. Insurance for employees and retired employees of localities and other local governmental entities; participation by certain volunteers

15.2-1612.1. Deputy sheriffs to complete course of instruction established by Department of Criminal Justice Services

Line of Duty Act; Mandatory Training Required
9.1-407. Training

Minimum Qualifications
15.2-1705. Minimum qualifications; waiver
15.2-1706. Certifications through training required for all law-enforcement officers; waiver of requirements

 Sheriff Office Operation
15.2-1613. Operation of sheriff’s office
15.2-1613.1. Processing fee may be imposed on certain individuals
15.2-1614. Destruction of receipts
15.2-1614.1. Expense of boarding and lodging jurors
15.2-1615. Sheriffs to deposit funds, keep account of receipts and disbursements, keep books open for inspection
15.2-1615.1. Manner of payment of certain items in budgets of sheriffs
15.2-1616. When deputy may act in place of sheriff
15.2-1617. Deputies of deceased sheriffs
15.2-1618. Compensating certain law-enforcement officers disabled in performance of duty
15.2-1619. When officers not to take obligations
15.2-1620. Process, etc., sent to officer by mail
15.2-1621. Receipts to be given by officers
15.2-1622. Judgment against officer for money due from him
15.2-1623. Judgment for officer or sureties against deputy, etc., when officer liable for misconduct of deputy
15.2-1624. When judgment against officer or sureties has been obtained and paid
15.2-1625. In what court motions may be made

Reimbursement of Expenses, Receipts of Reports and Unclaimed Property
15.2-1713. Localities authorized to offer and pay rewards in felony and misdemeanor cases
15.2-1713.1. Local “Crime Stoppers” programs; confidentiality
15.2-1714. Establishing police lines, perimeters, or barricades
15.2-1715. Authority to declare Intensified Drug Enforcement Jurisdictions; expenditure of funds
15.2-1716. Reimbursement of expenses incurred in responding to DUI incidents and other traffic incidents
15.2-1716.1. Reimbursement of expenses incurred in responding to terrorism hoax incident, bomb threat, or malicious activation of fire alarm
15.2-1716.2. Methamphetamine lab cleanup costs; localities may charge for reimbursement
15.2-1717. Preventing interference with pupils at schools
15.2-1717.1. Designation of police to enforce trespass violations
15.2-1718. Receipt of missing child reports
15.2-1718.1 Receipt of missing senior adult reports
15.2-1718.2. Receipt of critically missing adult reports
15.2-1719. Disposal of unclaimed property in possession of sheriff or police
15.2-1720. Localities authorized to license bicycles, electric power-assisted bicycles, mopeds, and electric personal assistive mobility devices; disposition of unclaimed bicycles, electric power-assisted bicycles, mopeds, and electric personal assistive mobility devices
15.2-1721. Disposal of unclaimed firearms or other weapons in possession of sheriff or police
15.2-1722. Certain records to be kept by sheriffs and chiefs of police

Jails and Court Security
53.1-116. What records and policy jailer shall keep; how time deducted or added for felons and misdemeanants; payment of fine and costs by person committed to jail until he pays
53.1-1161.1. Jailer to give notice of release of certain prisoners
53.1-116.1:01. Jailer to give notice of intake of certain prisoners
53.1-116.1:02. Jailer issued identification
53.1-116.2 Sheriffs to be keepers of jails
53.1-116.3. Improper release; capias, arrest and hearing
53.1-117. Violations of rules to be recorded in register
53.1-118. Courts to fine sheriffs for failure to perform duties
53.1-119. Court duties of sheriff
53.1-120. Sheriff to provide for courthouse and courtroom security; designation of deputies for such purpose; assessment
53.1-121. Sheriffs to make daily reports to Compensation Board; failure to send report
53.1-122. Daily records of sheriffs and jail superintendents
53.1-123. Other accounts, information and records as required by Department
53.1-124. Sheriffs and jail superintendents to report to the courts
53.1-125. Failure of sheriffs or jail superintendents to comply with requirements of board; filing of complaint; withholding salary
53.1-126. Responsibility of sheriffs and jail superintendents for food, clothing and medicine
53.1-127. Who may enter interior of local correctional facilities; searches of those entering
53.1-127.1. Establishment of stores in local correctional facilities
53.1-127.2. Fees for electronic visitation and messaging with prisoners in local correctional facilities
53.1-127.3. Deferred or installment payment agreement for unpaid fees; suspension of privilege to operate a motor vehicle
53.1-127.4. Suspension of privilege to operate motor vehicle for failure to pay fees
53.1-127.5. Collection of fees owed; contract for collection; duties of Department of Taxation
53.1-128. Work forces and authorized work places
53.1-129. Order permitting prisoners to work on state, county, city, town, certain private property or nonprofit organization property; bond of person in charge of prisoners
53.1-130. Sheriffs, jail superintendents, etc., not to be interested in property where work performed; penalty
53.1-131. Provision for release of prisoner from confinement for employment, educational or other rehabilitative programs; escape; penalty; disposition of earnings
53.1-131.1. Provision for sentencing of persons to nonconsecutive days in jail; payment to defray costs; penalty
53.1-131.2. Assignment to a home/electronic incarceration program; payment to defray costs; escape; penalty
53.1-131.3. Payment of costs associated with prisoner keep
53.1-132. Furloughs from local work release programs; penalty for violations
53.1-133. Treatment of prisoner with contagious disease
53.1-133.01. Medical treatment of prisoners
53.1-133.01:1. Payment for bodily injury
53.1-133.02. Notice to be given upon prisoner release, escape, etc.
53.1-133.03. Exchange of medical and mental health information and records
53.1-133.1. Definition
53.1-133.2. Establishment of jail industry program
53.1-133.3. Eligibility to participate
53.1-133.4. Participant compensation
53.1-133.5. Disposition of money collected and payment of expenses for jail industry program
53.1-133.6. Restriction on sale of jail industry program goods and services; print shop
53.1-133.7. Sale of artistic products
53.1-133.8. Purchases by agencies, localities and certain nonprofit organizations
53.1-133.9. Charges; advertisement and marketing

Mental Health Transportation
37.2-808. Emergency custody; issuance and execution of order
37.2-809. Involuntary temporary detention; issuance and execution of order
37.2-809.1. Facility of temporary detention
37.2-810. Transportation of person in the temporary detention process
37.2-811. Emergency treatment of inmates in the custody of local correctional facilities
37.2-813. Release of person prior to commitment hearing for involuntary admission
37.2-814. Commitment hearing for involuntary admission; written explanation; right to counsel; rights of petitioner
37.2-815. Commitment hearing for involuntary admission; examination required
37.2-816. Commitment hearing for involuntary admission; preadmission screening report
37.2-817. Involuntary admission and outpatient treatment orders
37.2-817.1. Monitoring mandatory outpatient treatment; petition for hearing
37.2-817.2. Court review of mandatory outpatient treatment plan or discharge plan
37.2-817.3. Rescission of mandatory outpatient treatment order
37.2-817.4. Continuation of mandatory outpatient treatment order
37.2-818. Commitment hearing for involuntary admission; recordings and records
37.2-819. Order of involuntary admission or mandatory outpatient treatment forwarded to CCRE; certain voluntary admissions forwarded to CCRE; firearm background check
37.2-820. Place of hearing
37.2-821. Appeal of involuntary admission or certification order
37.2-822. Treatment of person admitted while appeal is pending
37.2-823. Examination of admission papers by director; examination of persons admitted
37.2-824. Periodic review of all persons for purpose of retention
37.2-825. Admission raises no presumption of legal incapacity
37.2-826. Disposition of nonresidents
37.2-827. Admission of aliens
37.2-828. Receiving and maintaining federal prisoners in state facilities
37.2-829. Transportation of person in civil admission process
37.2-831. Detention in jail after order of admission
37.2-832. Persons with mental illness not to be confined in cells with criminals
37.2-833. Escape, sickness, death, or discharge of a person ordered to be involuntarily admitted while in custody; warrant for person escaping
37.2-834. Arrest of certain persons involuntarily admitted
37.2-835. Arrest without warrant
37.2-836. Employees to accompany persons admitted voluntarily to facilities

Transportation of Witnesses
8.01-410. Inmates as witnesses in civil actions
16.1-93.1. Use of telephonic communication systems or electronic video and audio communication systems to conduct hearing
16.1-276.2. Transportation orders in certain proceedings

Victim Notification Program
19.2-11.01. Crime victim and witness rights
53.1-133.02. Notice to be given upon prisoner release, escape, etc.
53.1-160. Notice to be given upon prisoner release, escape, etc.
53.1-160.1. Department to give notice of Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry requirements to certain prisoners
8.01-226.11. Civil immunity for operation of victim notification program

Concealed Handgun Permits
18.2-308. Carrying concealed weapons; exceptions; penalty

Exemption from Local Tax and License Fees for One Vehicle
46.2-752. Taxes and license fees imposed by counties, cities, and towns; limitations on amounts; disposition of revenues; requiring evidence of payment of personal property taxes and certain fines; prohibiting display of licenses after expiration; failure to display valid local license required by other localities; penalty

Supplemental Liability Insurance
2.2-1839. Risk management plans administered by the Department of the Treasury’s Risk Management Division for political subdivisions, constitutional officers, etc.

Retirement System Benefits
51.1-138. Benefits
51.1-206. Service retirement allowance

Sheriffs; Localities Exempt from Paying Fees for Certain Services
17.1-266. Services rendered in Commonwealth’s cases

Decertification of Officers
15.2-1707. Decertification of law-enforcement officers
15.2-1708. Notice of decertification
15.2-1709. Employer immunity from liability; disclosure of information regarding former deputy sheriffs and law-enforcement officers
15.2-1710. Fees and other compensation
15.2-1711. Providing legal fees and expenses for law-enforcement officers; repayment to locality of two-thirds of amount by Compensation Board

Legal Defense, Salaries and Benefits
15.2-1604. Appointment of deputies and employment of employees; discriminatory practices by certain officers; civil penalty.
15.2-1605. Vacations; sick leave and compensatory time for certain officers and employees
15.2-1605.1. Supplementing compensation of certain county and city officers and their employees
15.2-1605.2. Salary increases for constitutional officers
15.2-1606. Defense of constitutional officers; appointment of counsel
15.2-1607. Providing legal fees and expenses for sheriffs and deputies

Off-Duty Employment or Benefits
15.2-1712. Employment of off-duty officers

Photo-monitoring Systems
15.2-968.1. Use of photo-monitoring systems to enforce traffic light signals

Law Enforcement Escorts
46.2-920. Certain vehicles exempt from regulations in certain situations; exceptions and additional requirements

County Police
15.2-1700. Preservation of peace and good order
15.2-1701. Organization of police forces
15.2-1702. Referendum required prior to establishment of county police force
15.2-1703. Referendum to abolish county police force
15.2-1704. Powers and duties of police force

Mutual Aid
15.2-1723. Validation of certain police forces
15.2-1724. Police and other officers may be sent beyond territorial limits
15.2-1725. Extending police power of localities over lands lying beyond boundaries thereof; jurisdiction of courts
15.2-1725.1. Concurrent jurisdiction; limitations.
15.2-1726. Agreements for consolidation of police departments or for cooperation in furnishing police services
15.2-1727. Reciprocal agreements with localities outside the Commonwealth
15.2-1728. Mutual aid agreements between police departments and federal authorities
15.2-1729. Agreements for enforcement of state and county laws by federal officers on federal property
15.2-1730. Calling upon law-enforcement officers of counties, cities or towns for assistance
15.2-1730.1. Authority and immunity of sheriffs and deputies
15.2-1731. Establishment, etc., authorized; powers, authority and immunities generally
15.2-1732. Appropriations for equipment and maintenance
15.2-1733. Appointment of auxiliary police officers; revocation of appointment; uniform; organization; rules and regulations
15.2-1734. Calling auxiliary police officers into service; police officers performing service to wear uniform; exception
15.2-1735. Acting beyond limits of jurisdiction of locality
15.2-1736. Mutual aid agreements among governing bodies of localities

15.2-1747. Creation of academies
15.2-1748. Powers of the academies
15.2-1749. Revenue bonds
15.2-1750. Governmental units authorized to appropriate or lend funds
15.2-1751. Exemption from taxation
15.2-1752. Governmental immunity
15.2-1753. Liability of board members

Perform Marriage Rites
20-25. Persons other than ministers who may perform rites

Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute Special License Plate
46.2-749.110. Special license plates; supporters of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute; fees