Board of Directors

VSA Board of Directors

Many dedicated sheriffs have served on the VSA Board over the years. An executive staff manages VSA. Governing policies are decided by the President and members of the Board of Directors at the annual conference and meetings of the Board of Directors.

Committees of VSA consist of the Legislative Committee, Bylaws Committee, and Audit Committee as provided in the Association’s Bylaws. Other committees may be appointed by, and serve, at the pleasure of the President of the Association.



Kevin W. Hall, Sheriff (I)
Alleghany County-Covington

Immediate Past President:

Darrell W. Warren, Jr., Sheriff (R)
Gloucester County

First Vice President:

Fred S. Clark, Sheriff (I)
Halifax County

Second Vice President:

Lenny Millholland, Sheriff (I)
Frederick County


Brad W. Nunnally, Sheriff (I)
Powhatan County


Antionette V. Irving, Sheriff (D)
City of Richmond

Past Presidents:

Beth Arthur, Sheriff (D)
Arlington County

Vanessa R. Crawford, Sheriff (D)
City of Petersburg

Steve M. Draper, Sheriff (I)
City of Martinsville

Legislative Committee Chairman:

Arthur Townsend, Jr.,  Sheriff (I)
Lunenburg County


Region I

B. C. “Chip” Shuler, Sheriff (R)
Smyth County

Region II

Michael S. Mondul (I)
City of Danville

Region III

Matthew T. Ward (R)
Botetourt County

Region IV

David W. Hill, Sheriff (I)
Nelson County

Region V

Roger L. Harris, Sheriff (I)
Spotsylvania County

Region VI

Stacey A. Kincaid,  Sheriff (D)
Fairfax County

Region VII

W. A. “Arnie” Holmes, Sheriff (I)
Essex County

Region VIII

Steven N. Creasey, Sheriff (I)
Goochland County

Region IX

Josh A. Wyche, Sr., Sheriff (D)
Southampton County

Region X

W. Todd Wessells, Sheriff (I)
Accomack County

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