Deputies Killed in the Line of Duty

The Virginia Sheriffs’ Association (VSA) recognizes and honors all the sheriffs and deputies throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia who have died in the line of duty. We will never forget the sacrifices these individuals made while serving the Commonwealth and its citizens. We work to update this list as often as possible and apologize if any deputies have not been added.

Name of Deputy Date County/City Circumstances
Nicole Bendily 10/20/21 Virginia Beach Cardiac Arrest
James Anthony Sisk 10/1/21 Culpeper County Coronavirus “COVID-19”
Charles W. Catron 9/23/21 Carroll County Coronavirus “COVID-19”
Kenneth P. Delano 4/19/21 Essex County Coronavirus “COVID-19”
Frederick “Butch” Cameron 1/12/21 Fairfax County Coronavirus “COVID-19”
Curtis A. Barlett 3/9/17 Carroll County Auto Accident Responding to a Call
Bryan M. Berger 4/28/14 Spotsylvania County Died During Training
Percy Lee House, III 1/31/14 Greensville County Auto Accident
Billy R. Grimsley 2/3/13 Portsmouth Motorcycle Accident
Michael C. Walizer 3/31/12 Charles City County Auto Accident Responding to a Call
Neil Justus 3/13/11 Buchanan County Shot While Responding to a Call for Service
William “Billy” Stiltner 3/13/11 Buchanan County Shot While Responding to a Call for Service
Shawn Hess 7/23/10 Tazewell County Auto Accident Responding to a Call
Caroline Green 6/21/10 Richmond City Auto Accident
Dean Ridings 6/19/10 Spotsylvania County Boat Accident while on Marine Patrol
Christopher D. Ray 8/29/09 Southampton County Auto Accident
Chadwick A. (Chad) Carr 6/4/09 Greene County Auto Accident
Christopher K. Paschal 1/4/09 Smyth County Auto Accident
Jason E. Mooney 10/19/07 Stafford County Auto Accident Responding to an Accident
Jason L. Saunders 4/3/07 Campbell County Auto Accident During a Pursuit
Robert E. Green 9/20/06 Powhatan County Auto Accident During a Pursuit
Eric E. Sutphin 08/21/06 Montgomery County Shot by an escaped prisoner
Charles A. Fisher 07/09/06 Portsmouth City Auto Accident
James E. Weaver 06/27/05 Dinwiddie County Shot by 15-Year Old Youth While Transporting Teen to Detention Center from a Court appearance
John W. Stanford, Jr. 06/19/05 Northumberland County Auto Accident While Responding to a Disturbance Call
Rodney L. Davis 08/27/03 Greene County Shot While Trying to Arrest a Suspected Drug Dealer
Timothy W. Martin 10/16/02 Dinwiddie County Auto Accident while in Route to a Domestic Disturbance
Frankie L. Betterton 05/17/02 Pittsylvania County Shot During a Routine Traffic Stop
Charles H. Barton 08/22/95 Loudoun County Plane Crash 08/21/95 While on the Way to Pick Up Fugitive In Another State
Clifford Dicker 12/06/94 Wythe County Shot by 15 Year Old Youth While Serving Petition
Terry L. Singleton 12/07/93 Gloucester County Heart Attack During SWAT Training
Charles E. Murray, Jr. 07/10/90 Fauquier County Hit By Train at Crossing While on Way to Serve Process
Paul Edward Grubb 07/02/89 Henry County Shot During a Drug Raid
Tom Felton 04/28/89 Sussex County Hit By Train While Responding to Call For Assistance
John Martin 11/07/88 Lee County Shot 11/04/88 By Assailant While Checking Vehicle
Richard L. Samuels 09/02/88 Spotsylvania County Had Heart Attack While in Pursuit of Inmate
Barry Pendry 02/26/85 Roanoke City Attacked While Dispensing Medication to Inmate
Lonnie Freeman 09/04/84 Richmond City Attacked While Entering Inmate’s Cell
George M. Brown, Sr. 06/24/84 Henry County Auto Accident While Transporting Inmate (Believed to Have Been Caused by Inmate)
Robert T. Hicks 05/20/84 Middlesex County Answering Call from Stranded Motorist
Cliff W. Scott, Jr. 12/09/83 Prince George County Auto Accident While in Pursuit of Vehicle
John Rafter 02/08/83 Rockingham County Shot While Transporting Inmate
Donald Benson 11/05/81 Lancaster County Shot While Serving Mental Warrant
William Truesdale 01/27/81 Alexandria City Shot While Transporting Prisoner From Court to Correctional Center
Ford T. Humphrey 10/09/80 Stafford County Shot While Diffusing a Domestic Altercation
Earl M. Heisler 09/20/78 James City County Shot After Found Drugs, While Searching Automobile



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