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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
The Voice of Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Inmate Healthcare
The Virginia Sheriffs’ Association has entered into a partnership with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield to provide low-cost health services to Virginia’s inmates thus saving Virginia’s cities and counties significant cost when providing inmate medical services. This is a unique medical services program designed to save localities money by using the prices negotiated by Anthem with healthcare providers. Virginia sheriffs are able to tap into the negotiated rates of Anthem by paying an administrative fee, which saves the localities substantial funding from the “rack” rates otherwise charged by healthcare providers. In selecting Anthem, the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association went through a bidding process that meets or exceeds the procurement process of local government. Accordingly, sheriffs and local government officials may be interested in contacting the Association or the Anthem representative to determine the cost savings available to your locality. The program provides inmates in Virginia’s jails with:

  • Access to Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s extensive network of healthcare providers
  • Access to network savings negotiated by Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Medical and dental retail prescription drug claim processing
  • Check writing services with direct payment to providers
  • Consultant medical management/utilization review
  • Monthly reports detailing medical claim activities

Association members needing more information on this cost saving program can contact Ms. Leslie Tucker,  Strategic Account Manager, State & Local Government Programs at Anthem at 703-801-8273 or [email protected].

Justice Benefits (JBI)

The Virginia Sheriffs’ Association entered into an agreement with Justice Benefits, Inc. (“JBI”) in an effort to assist sheriffs in obtaining federal money for the operation of their jail and other sheriff’s office-related activities.

JBI specializes in federal revenue maximization for state and local political entities. With the objective of helping local justice departments access little known federal funding opportunities, JBI was founded in 1997. JBI’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas.

The federal government will reimburse a percentage of local dollars spent for services currently being provided by various county or state offices. Few agencies have the resources to research all of the reimbursement opportunities. JBI will provide you with the expertise, technology, and manpower to access federal funding opportunities. In addition, JBI contracts its service on a “no risk” contingency fee basis; i.e., JBI is paid only after the claims have been reimbursed to the city, county or state by the federal government.

Our federal revenue maximization is accomplished through identifying the federal funding opportunities, applying governmental cost accounting practices, and employing our proprietary software programs to maximize the dollars for your claim.

It is important to note that your county or state is already spending its monies and providing these reimbursable services. JBI’s role is to document the cost of the reimbursable services and recover the federal dollars due to your city, county or state.

JBI has successfully worked with many state and local political entities to find and develop Federal reimbursement claims. We have developed software that will compute the claims, identify and capture all missing data, and apply appropriate code costs for allowable or non-allowable items. JBI has developed documentation and uses federally approved forms to complete all claims.

JBI has developed an exceptionally specialized staff that completes the various unique tasks and difficult components of accessing federal funding opportunities. Consequently, JBI is very effective at assisting counties and cities recover Federal reimbursement dollars. We currently serve over 600 clients.

For more information on how your locality can benefit, please contact the following Justice Benefits’ representatives:

Michael Moore
Sr. Regional Account Manager
(800) 835-2164 x 3743
[email protected]