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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
The Voice of Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

The Enforcement Resource — is a repository of information, intelligence, and resources designed for law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Altria Group’s tobacco companies are committed to protecting their brands from illicit trade – including counterfeiting of brands like Marlboro and the illegal importation and state to state smuggling of genuine tobacco products. Illicit trade in tobacco products undermines our investment in our brands and the legitimate channels through which these products are distributed and sold. This illicit activity also robs federal, state and local governments of much needed tax revenue, which supports important programs, and often funds the sale of guns and drugs, as well as other violent crimes.

Law enforcement is on the front line of defense against this illegal activity. Altria’s tobacco companies dedicate resources to combating illicit trade and to supporting law enforcement to deter this activity.

The Enforcement Resource Center is a protected site for law enforcement agents and regulatory officials only.  You may request access from Raymond Rowley, Law Enforcement Engagement Manager, at [email protected] .