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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
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Pictured from left: John Hudson, Joanne Lloyd, Sheriff Lenny Millholland, the Easter Bunny, Serena Bowen and Kay Anderson.

Frederick County Sheriff, Lenny Millholland recently accepted a check for $9,533 for the Easter Bunny Foundation compliments of the Bank of Clarke County. For the past couple months, members of the Bank of Clarke County have had pink, green, purple, yellow, blue and orange bunnies for sale for $6.00. All proceeds benefitted the Easter Bunny Foundation, a non-profit foundation celebrating its 23rd year of providing bunnies for children in hospitals across the United States who are in the hospital during Easter. During its first year, Sam Meiner and his wife Eleanor had an idea to surprise children in the hospital at Easter time and give them a gift to make them smile. The Easter Bunny Foundation, located in Orlando, FL, asked for support from then-Sheriff Kevin Beary and his deputies to go with the big bunny to see kids in Orlando area hospitals. It was such a success that Sheriff Beary asked the National Sheriffs’ Association to support the efforts of the Easter Bunny Foundation across the United States. Over the years, over 100 sheriffs joined the Bunny Trail and make visits to children in their area hospitals to give them a bunny at Easter. “One Bunny, One Smile” has become the motto for the foundation. This year with the help of the Bank of Clarke County, its customers and friends, over 1,500 bunnies were purchased from Bank of Clarke County Branches in Winchester, Clarke and Loudoun Counties. Each bunny sold was a bunny the Foundation could give to a child. According to Sheriff Millholland, over 14,000 bunnies were given out across the country. We could not have been as successful had it not been for the wonderful support of businesses like the Bank of Clarke County.