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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
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The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is pleased to announce the “Impact of Trauma on Law Enforcement” conference.  Policing is a dangerous, demanding, and stressful profession and law enforcement officers are exposed to traumatic situations and the cumulative effects of witnessing human suffering and tragedies.  While law enforcement officers are trained to handle the most critical incidents like homicides and active shooter events, the daily accumulation of stress, anxiety, and trauma are rarely addressed.  Exposure to the traumatic experiences of other people—known as vicarious trauma—is an inevitable occupational challenge for the field of law enforcement. The intense pressures of the job put officers at risk for high blood pressure, insomnia, increased levels of destructive stress hormones, heart problems, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide.  Many officers may not experience an intense “critical incident” in their careers; however, all officers are exposed to the daily accumulation of stressors which can adversely affect their physical and mental health.

To assist in addressing these concerns, the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services is pleased to offer this one and a half day training conference on the impact of trauma in policing to provide information, awareness, resiliency tools, and support.  Don’t miss this essential training opportunity for all sworn law enforcement officers.  Lodging and per diem scholarships are available!

Officers will hear from law enforcement responders to the Pulse Night Club, Sandy Hook, and Las Vegas shootings as well as first-hand accounts from Virginia officers who have experienced the impact of trauma on their careers and families.

To find out more details and to register, please follow this link.