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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
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The Commonwealth of Virginia Division of State Police released the following statement:

The National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council is the rulemaking body governing the dissemination of criminal history records maintained by the FBI for Non-Criminal Justice purposes, such as applications for employment, volunteer positions, and licensure.  The Compact Council requires that such applicants be given notice of their privacy rights and the record challenge process at the time of fingerprinting.

The attached notice complies with Compact Council requirements and should be given to all persons fingerprinted by your agency for a noncriminal justice purpose.   Additionally, it is vital that the agency taking the prints confirm that proper identification was reviewed and the fingerprint card (FD258) was completed in its entirety.

If you have any questions concerning this process please contact Dana Adams, Noncriminal Justice Section Manager, at (804) 674-4616.