Deputy D. Perry Honored at McNair-Trueheart Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 622 at 99th Anniversary

From left to right: Lt. Col. J. Lloyd, Cpl. Deverly Perry-Deputy Sheriff of the Year, and Maj. R. Jarratt

On March 9, 2019, the McNair-Trueheart Veterans of Foreign Wars Post

622 held its 99th Anniversary. This event celebrated several community

members in law enforcement, education, and students from the school

system. Recognition for Deputy Sheriff of the Year from the Petersburg

Sheriff’s Office was awarded to Cpl. Deverly Perry. Cpl. Perry has served

in the Petersburg’s Sheriff Office for 17 years in all capacities. We salute

and thank Cpl. Perry for her commendable service. She was given a

plaque and a certificate honoring her dedication to the community and the

Petersburg Sheriff’s Office. The Petersburg Sheriff’s Office has many

programs that benefit the Petersburg community. To learn more about the

programs, please contact Sheriff Vanessa Crawford at 733-2369.

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