Prospective VSI Membership Letters to Mail February 2020

In response to the need for improved, widespread public safety awareness and to assist local sheriffs in protecting the lives and property of citizens throughout Virginia, the Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute (VSI) has announced a campaign that encourages Commonwealth of Virginia residents to become ‘Associate’ and ‘Business’ members of the VSI. Membership appeals will be mailed the week of February 11, 2020. Individuals choosing to join the voluntary program can do so at a special reduced rate of $20 (normally $25), while businesses can show their support with a $40 contribution. Click HERE for more information about the program and HERE for a fact sheet to assist with questions. A copy of the letter that is being mailed can be accessed HERE. For additional assistance, click HERE for a PSA and HERE for a press release that can be used prior to the mailing.

The Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute is proud to meet the Standards for Charity Accountability outlined by Better Business Bureau. These standards take into account the Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute’s governance, finances, measuring effectiveness, and fund raising. Take a look at the review and support this great organization today!

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