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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
The Voice of Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

Richmond, VA – Sheriffs, deputies, all first responders and law enforcement continue to work diligently, responding to calls and never hesitating to put themselves in harm’s way to perform essential duties to ensure public safety in communities across Virginia.

In a letter dated April 10th, Virginia Beach Sheriff Ken Stolle has requested that Attorney General Mark Herring provide guidance regarding protecting first responders and healthcare workers, joining the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association’s call for Governor Ralph Northam to take all actions necessary to extend to all first responders the same presumptive illness provisions for the coronavirus as are in place for other job presumed illnesses, such as heart and hypertension related diseases.

Virginia Beach Sheriff Ken Stolle emphasized, “First responders are required to run toward the danger and must continue to do their jobs regardless of the risk, exposing themselves and their loved ones to the potential dangers of this pandemic. For that reason, I believe it is important to know whether a COVID-19 illness contracted by a first responder is covered under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act and related statutes.”

“Our deputy sheriffs are out protecting the public, transporting the mentally ill, participating the judicial process and running jails, exposing themselves to a much higher likelihood of contracting this virus because of their vital role in public safety,” commented VSA Executive Director John W. Jones.

The Virginia Sheriffs’ Association recognizes the vital role of all first responders and law enforcement and joins Virginia Beach Sheriff Ken Stolle in his request for Attorney General Mark Herring to respond to his inquiry to protect our first responders and recognize their sacrifice during this COVID-19 pandemic.


The Virginia Sheriffs’ Association (VSA) gives a voice to Virginia sheriffs and deputies. Working on many levels and in cooperation with the various segments of the criminal justice system and state government, VSA guarantees unfailing representation for sheriffs and deputies throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.