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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
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The Richmond City Sheriff’s Office has been informed that many Richmond citizens are being scammed for money, personal information or credit card information. Personal information thieves, when they call, are telling citizens to provide payment to prevent their arrest or to thwart penalty for missing jury duty.

Scammers are calling citizens and representing themselves as officials calling about missing jury duty. They are asking for money over the phone. Scammers are also telling citizens to show up at the courthouse and use the KIOSK to send money. Note, the Sheriff’s Office will never ask for payment to be sent via KIOSK.

It is important to know that neither the Richmond City court system nor the Sheriff’s Office will ask you to pay money over the phone. If you have missed jury duty, you will be contacted via summons or in person by a uniformed deputy.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office at (804) 646-4464.