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Virginia Decision 2023:

96 Current Sheriffs and Sheriff Candidates Elected 

~ Democrats take control of Virginia Legislature~

Richmond, VA — Decision 2023 Virginia elections brought change across the Commonwealth. In addition to the members of the House of Delegates and Senate, sheriffs’ seats were also on the ballot.

Sheriffs’ elections were held in many localities across Virginia in addition to all the members of the House of Delegates, Senate, local officials and referenda. Congratulations to the ninety-six (96) Virginia’s sheriffs who won re-election and to the sheriff candidates who won election last night.

Click HERE to view an unofficial listing of the sheriffs’ election results as of the writing of this email and provided by the State Board of Elections.

Going into Virginia Decision 2023, the Republicans held a narrow margin, 52-48 majority, in the Virginia House of Delegates while Democrats hold a slim majority in the Senate, 22-18.

With the retirement of key leadership, the composition was sure to change, including committee chairs and makeup, especially in the Senate.

Democrats gained seats in the House of Delegates to gain the majority, for a total of 51-48 seats; while maintaining a slim majority of seats in the Senate for a total of 21-18, with one race in each body too close to call at this writing according to

Click HERE to view the unofficial results from the House of Delegates and click HERE to view the same from Senate races.