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Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
The Voice of Virginia’s Sheriffs & Deputies

Elections were held across the Commonwealth yesterday, and, yes, there is a new sheriff in town – 30 current sheriffs and sheriff candidates were elected in total!

Turnout was strong across the Commonwealth as the Virginians turned out in force to vote.

Sheriffs elections were held in many localities across Virginia in addition to elections for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, all the members of the House of Delegates and local officials.

Congratulations to Virginia’s sheriffs who won re-election and to the sheriff candidates who won election last night.

To view unofficial election results for sheriffs’ races, click here.

Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin has been declared the winner receiving 50.97% of the vote while Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe received 48.34%. Similarly, Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears and Republican Candidate for Attorney General Jason Miyares are projected to round out the ticket, edging out Democratic Candidates Hala Ayla and Mark Herring.

While the Democrats started the day with a 10 seat majority in the House of Delegates, the Virginia General Assembly balance of power changed with Republicans gaining 6 seats and a 51 – 49 majority.

The Senate remains a 21-19 majority for the Democrats.

View unofficial election results for the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and House of Delegates here.